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Chris Johnstone and Mick Bowra joined British Gas (Segas) in 1968 and their career paths included operational management, and the training and assessment of gas fitting operatives. In 1994 they left British Gas and set up ViperGas, which provided a comprehensive portfolio of services and support materials for the gas industry, that included:

ViperGas was launched in 2002 providing technical services to sister company VR Publications Limited and supplied over 150 training centres, National Grid, EUSkills, and other large organisations in addition to direct services to over 50,000 individual operatives.

In 2006, with technology advancing rapidly, the company appointed David Day as it's Technical Director. David began his career with a leading London advertising agency as an Internet Development Manager and has been instrumental in the development of software, web and mobile applications for a number of corporate businesses including Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Visa.

Following the acquistion of technology company Extiera in 2015, ViperGas is now part of the Verve Technology Group which utilises technology to provide cost effective subscriptions and services.

Company Information

ViperGas Limited
Registered in England & Wales Company No 11665064
VAT Registration No 319 2628 95